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    FireText is a easy to use, downloadable SMS, Twitter and Email to TV Screen software for audience interaction at any live event.Purchase14 Day Trial
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Entertain Your Audience

All SMS, Tweets and Emails pass through FireText's automated filter, then scroll beautifully on your TV screens matching your brand's fonts and colours. Also, run FireText manually and approve which messages you'd like displayed on your TVs

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Capture Phone Numbers

Every person that sends an SMS into your FireText are added to the User Accounts of your FireText Software. You can use FireText to send Bulk SMS messages, or entertain User Accounts with Text to Win Campaigns, Voting Polls and more.

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Make a Profit

FireText has over 20 features designed to increase profits by showcasing your brand in an innovative way, and pushing outgoing promotional SMS messages with upcoming event info, and valuable brand messages.

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FireText Features20 Features - So Easy to Use

SMS to TV Screen

Any mobile phone can SMS to your TV, turning your TVs into interactive live TVs.

Voting Polls

Setup SMS Voting Polls, ask your audience questions, display live bar graphs which will change as they vote..

Text to Win

Contests via SMS keyword, setup as many Text to Win campaigns as you like, with thank you messages for entering..

Twitter to TV Screen

Everyone's favorite social media Twitter, display @mentions, follow interest #hashtags and feed them live on your TV screens.

Bulk Outgoing SMS

After you capture phone numbers, use FireText's built in Bulk Outgoing SMS software to send coupons, promotions and event notifications.


Word Filter

Automatically remove messages that contain bad words, FireText has a advanced filter that gives you peace of mind.

Auto Keyword Responders

Setup keywords that will push out information, realtors and businesses love this, provide automated content when keywords are SMS messaged in..

Customizable Graphics

Rich Graphics with FireText Template Editor, display SMS, Tweets and Emails beautifully with your choice of fonts and colors, and import background graphics..

Guest List and More

Additional features include Song Requests, Guest Lists, User Grouping, Banner Ad Display, Multi Language Support, Live Webcam Display, Movie Player and Slideshow.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LiveStream, Linkedin, SMS Polls, Soundcloud and more +24 more unique social medias on your TV Screens, visit SOTV.me

Simple Software20 Features - So Easy to Use


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Interactive Television

A powerful text to screen engine that offers crisp HD graphics, intuitive and customizable tv themes, easy to design through FireText's advanced but easy to use user interface.


Engaging Mobile Phones

Everyone has one in their pocket, your audience never leaves home without it. Capitalize and captivate..

What Our Customers Said

  • FireText has made our conferences so much more engaging, the interactive and database capture benefits of the software is worth the investment. imageCEO of Coca Cola
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FireText, has scored a supporting role in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday.

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